Announcing…The Galaxy Collection is Coming!

by | Sep 26, 2020 | New Releases, Watercolor Art | 0 comments

Oh, wow, am I excited to share news I’ve been hiding up my sleeve for a couple months now…dun dun dun…

The Galaxy Collection is Coming Design Image in Pink, Green, Purple, and Blue Watercolor Galaxy Colors
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The Galaxy Collection is coming soon!

The Galaxy Collection is coming soon to my shop!

If you’re a fan of my watercolor work, and a lover of all things stars, planets, and sky (like me!), then this collection is going to be a special treat for you. While I previously had a few watercolor galaxy pieces out on both Instagram and here in my shop, I’ve been quietly crafting a whole slew of goodies that will drop here on Tuesday, October 13th. Let’s just say I’ve been holing up painting, creating, scheming, and designing, to bring you not only more galaxy ornaments, hand painted bookmarks, and galaxy-designed cards, but several neat new items—never before seen in my shop!! 😀 I simply LOVE getting to watercolor anything space related these days. I’ve always loved the stars…and now I’m just painting them all over. 😊

So, if you’ve had your eye on my watercolor bookmarks, don’t worry, there are dozens more coming. Like the painted ornaments but bummed your favorites are sold? No worries—I have tons of those in all sorts of sizes debuting that day. But what’s more, I have lots of new cards and other fun surprises coming in this bundle of new releases…and we’ll be to 10/13 in no time! ❤️ You might just find the perfect goodies for your holiday shopping in my new collection, too.

Galactic Green Watercolor Galaxy Ornament on Marble Background
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I seriously cannot wait to share what I’ve been up to in my studio with you!

I’ll be revealing sneak peeks both on this blog, in my newsletter, and on my Instagram feed as we build up to October 13th. I’m bouncing off the walls to share all these new pieces with you! Mark your calendars…a whole universe inspired release is coming your way very soon! 😊


Updated: The Galaxy Collection has arrived! Find all galaxy-themed goodies in The Galaxy Collection, now at Jaded Studios.


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