Long Time But…the New Garden Stakes are Here!

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Wow, it’s been a while. A looongggg while, but things have been kind of rough over here at Jaded Studios.

As I’ve very loosely mentioned on social media from time to time, I’ve had an immediate family member who bravely fought through a long term illness for several years. It was a long journey, and while we are fortunate to have had the time to make so many memories, I am sad to share that he left this world about a month ago. Needless to say, it’s been…well, it’s been really hard. The loss of a loved one is hard. Grief is hard. But, I’ve taken comfort where I can in knowing that he loved my art, in particular my calligraphy, and it made him so proud that I was pursuing this little business of mine. ♡

So while I’ve been super quiet, I’ve also been working away at getting my formerly promised hand pressed markers into the shop. And it took me a while to share it, but they’re here—officially—to stay. 😊

4 Hand Pressed Herb Labels on Slate Background with Leaves
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New hand pressed garden markers from Jaded Studios!

This new take on the old edition of my classic hand lettered garden markers are still lettered in the original classic style—but instead of being individually hand lettered, they’re pressed into the wood. This gives a whole new, fancy engraved look. And I’m so excited to offer it to you!

Like my original 100% bamboo markers, these stylish stakes are still all natural and made with love. The ink is oil-based, non-toxic, and durable in water and sun, so it will hold strong through all sorts of garden temperaments. And, for those who prefer, you can add a water sealant to your set or DIY if you’d like to help extend their life if used outdoors. I keep this off the stakes for those who prefer a wholly natural garden, but it of course is always an option to help wood wear outdoors.

What’s more, these new stakes are starting to be spotted in nurseries around the East Bay (!!!!) and I’m so excited about this. But I’m also thrilled to offer them direct to you!

The hand pressed edition of Jaded Studios garden stakes are available in sets of 10 or 15, and there are 20 herb and vegetable choices for you to mix and match for your set. For those who prefer to customize further, or who would like a different lettering style, the original will always be available to personalize. But, I made sure when creating these cuties that all the most popular herbs and vegetables were included.

They are:

You’re sure to find your favorites! 😊

So, don’t miss these new stakes while they’re hot, and ready yourself for this spring gardening season. I can’t wait to hear all about what you’re growing!

You can find the new stakes in my shop, ready for your custom mix and match batch.

Happy gardening!



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