Peace Out 2020—And Happy 2021!

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Wow, was 2020 rough, huh? Well, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say good riddance, 2020! And even better, Happy 2021 to us! 🥳

I am hard pressed to find one person who can say 2020 was a great year (if this is you, please share this amazingness in the comments!)…and while 2021 still has some necessary roughness ahead, I’m sure we can all agree there are hopefully positive glimmers on the horizon.

Personally, I do have some rough patches ahead that I’ve been known to talk about from time to time on Instagram, and 2021 is sure to be a challenge with hard family stuff to bear. 😞 Still, I’m doing my best to focus on the positives, and to look forward to all that 2021 will bring.

Jaded Studios Jade's 2021 Bullet Journal Archer and Olive Dot Grid Spread
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Getting organized in 2021.

I think I’m not alone in saying that my goal list is pretty short for this next year, because I think we as humans have quite a lot to deal with as far as adjustments, challenges, and growing ahead. But, I do have a few goals I’d like to share with you as far as Jaded Studios developments this next year! Some are for this little business of mine as a whole, and others are behind-the-scenes ones for me as a creative business person trying not to lose her mind. 😊

1. The Bullet Journal

This pretty floral design pictured? This is the first spread in my personal 2021 bullet journal, and as this thing progresses, I’ll be sharing the process on Instagram. See, I spent the last two years attempting some hilarious practice rounds, basically trying to figure out what I would need in a bullet journal—since they’re great in being fully customizable to your own needs—and also seeing that there were definitely things I liked and didn’t like in the bullet journal method. I’ve always been a day planner girl, and I’m Queen of Lists (usually on post-its, so let’s not talk about the “decorations” on my kitchen cabinets in multiple square sheets, ‘kay?). But I found that when I attempted a traditional bullet journal, the thing really just became pages and pages of messy lists. That didn’t work out so well. I tried a prettified version, but didn’t stay on it because I set it up through March and then…forgot to set it up the rest of the year. Cue yet another book of messy lists.

This year, I’m trying to stick to what I know best—a day planner style, but with the list concepts of a bullet journal in a pretty format that will inspire me not to make more messy lists! I spoiled myself with a few dreamy Archer and Olive bullet journals, and this time opted for the uber delicious BLACKOUT! book with a bunch of gel pens to decorate. I’m also using it as my chill out art project a night or two a week, so I can continue adding prettified spreads for the full year. Setting each month as the month happens is not going to fly in my world, and the goal is to have the whole darn thing set up in the next month or so. I’m through March so far, and will be showing photos/clips along the way for those of you who like checking that stuff out on Instagram. I’m excited to call it my official personal space to stay organized, play with art, and keep lists.

Classic Font Hand Lettered Herb Garden Stakes Thyme Basil Arugula Garlic Rosemary Stake in Calligraphy on Marble Background with Leaves and Pine Cone
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2. Plant Stake Goodness

Wow, this part of I’ve been looking forward to sharing, and I’m still going to have to keep a partial lid on it…but let’s just say I have incredibly exciting news coming in the very near future regarding my bestselling custom bamboo garden markers. Gardening season was super busy for me last year, and it was a delight to get to letter for everyone’s gardens. Which is why this year, I’m really really really excited (did I mention really excited?) to be releasing a new, modified edition to these stake lovelies. I’ll share more as the release of this new item approaches, but I think all you gardening friends out there are going to love them! 😊

3. Something *New* From Jaded Studios

All right, here I’m going to be even more vague, but I’ve got my eye on something new and special to release here in the shop this year. I’ll give you a big hint, though: it still involves the lettering of herbs, vegetables, fruits, and other goodness, and is a fairly natural offshoot of all those fun things people grow in their gardens. 🤔 Hopefully, this new goodie will be arriving toward the end of gardening season if all goes well, so expect more news in the future on this. Let’s just say it’s an idea that’s been brewing in my head for a good year now.

4. Lady, Only 3 Stinking Things at a Time

I am terrible at overdoing lists. TERRIBLE. I am often told my daily lists look like weekly lists, my weekly lists like monthly lists, and my monthly lists…yeah, you get the idea. Part of that bullet journal I’m starting is to rein these lists in, with 3 things a day. Only 3 a day, that’s it. The purpose is so I can start feeling like I’m not drowning in things I can’t finish, and that I managed to get three things done each day, woo hoo! Bonus, if they’re done, I can then add more if I’m feeling up to it. And if not, I can feel accomplished and successful each day. This sounds simple, and yet it’s something I’ve struggled with for a long, long time… This particular goal is also setting me up better for a goal I set last year, one that I’m carrying forward to do better this year, which is….

It's Not What You Got Done Hand Lettered Art Print on Basket Background
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5. Gimme the Breathing Room

Time off? What’s that? That was basically my motto for, like, 20 years. I would work myself until I felt like crap and then break. So, I’ve slowly gotten better at giving myself more breathing room, and—I can’t believe I’m saying thank you to COVID—the circumstances of 2020 actually allowed me to turn things around and start giving myself that room. Turns out, self-care and breathing room is like sooooooo good for the mind, body, soul, and productivity! I’m hoping to actually take a whole day off a week, every week, this year. Sounds dreamy, right? 😂 Well, as I mentioned, there’s some tough stuff on the plate for me personally, and I’m trying to preemptively give myself space for that. Definitely getting better at it, and for sure making it a priority in 2021.


Now, what about you? What are your 2021 goals? What are you looking forward to easing up or improving in your life this year, business, personal, or overall? I’d love to hear what others are up to—please share!

And in the meantime—we made it!!! Happy 2021, all, and thanks for reading along with my journey. 😊



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