Welcome to Jaded Studios!

I’m Jade, and I love hand lettering all sorts of goodies to fit your every whim! When I started practicing hand lettering and calligraphy in early 2018, I immediately knew I’d found an art form that I needed to follow—and I also knew that I wanted to start making specialty hand lettered items for other people. The art form of calligraphy and hand lettering is so fun and cheerful that it naturally brings smiles, and I wanted to spread that cheer everywhere! Paired with a love of words and a childhood desire to create custom greeting cards and gifts, I founded Jaded Studios a few months later, and launched my first online store in the beginning of 2019.

My goal was simple: make it fun, make it sweet, and make it with a heart full of love.

Create a Unique Piece with Me!

Since I started, I’ve taken on more lettering styles as well as a watercolor practice, and have expanded from greeting card and hand lettered party items to art prints, wood signs, towels, watercolor gifts, stickers, and more. I love offering a wide selection of hand lettered and watercolor sentiments, be it a sweet set of notecards, a snarky sympathy card, a colorful hand-painted galaxy bookmark, or a pile of custom hand lettered plant stakes to decorate your garden.

I also cherish getting to connect with my customers, and working with them to craft and create their unique visions for themselves or loved ones. I am always happy to help you bring a custom idea to life, whether it be a personalized garden sign, an “art card” or hand lettered quote print for a family member or special event, or even a set of customized kitchen towels. My hope is that with Jaded Studios, you’ll find the perfect goodie for just about anyone in your life—including yourself!

Jade on Vacation Hand Lettering on Herb Markers

Sweet or Sassy!

Whether it’s for something sweet, sassy, or a little of both, I’m excited to share my love of hand lettering to create something special for you. 

Hand Lettered Delights

All my products are made in my home office while singing away to my music station of the day. Most Jaded Studios items are made completely by hand, and some cards are hand designed and printed. I love making each and every item you’ll find here, and am delighted to work with you on a wide variety of custom hand lettered items, for personal to corporate use. These include (but are not limited to):

Image of Multiple Products from Jaded Studios

Personal and Event

• Baby name signs and picture frames
• Baby shower gift bags, baby name stakes, and place settings
• Custom holiday gift tags and family name ornaments or picture frames
• Hand lettered wood slices for table settings
• Personal quotes for walls and desks
• Hand lettered tattoo design
• Name signs
• Watercolor gift commissions
• Watercolor and hand lettered monograms
• Hand lettered and watercolor wall-size art cards, bookmarks, and prints
• Greeting card services
• Succulent tags for events
• Personalized wedding and event gift bags, thank you bags, gift tags, place cards, escort cards, glassware, and other favors
• Wedding and event signage


• Sandwich boards
• Window lettering, for both temporary and long-term use
• Hand lettered quotes for office décor
• Hand lettered merchandise tags
• Shop signage
• Customer thank you gifts
• Holiday party bags and tags

Thank you for visiting Jaded Studios, where everything is made with sugar, spice, and everything nice!

What We Do

  • Garden fun
  • Personalized Gifts
  • Art & Cards

Get In Touch!

Have a question about a product, a custom order idea, or just want to say hi? Please reach out—I love hearing from you!

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