It’s Fall, Y’all—and Pumpkin Season!

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As the PSL (plant stake lady) who loves PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes), heck yeah, I’m all about pumpkin season! What about you?

I’ve always been a fan of pumpkins nearly everywhere—except in pumpkin pie, I know, weird—so it seemed like a no brainer last year that I should start lettering on pumpkins. I mean, I eat them, I drink them, I like to look at them…even though I gave up carving them so long ago. But considering that I’m forever bent on lettering on anything that isn’t paper, I was quick to launch a few Halloween and Fall themed designs last year once I realized I could letter directly on the pumpkins themselves!

See, faux pumpkins (made of a dense craft foam) were sturdy enough to last for many seasons, and they didn’t rot like the real things do…plus, the season came right in time for a couple craft fairs and farmers’ markets I did, so, it had to be fate. 🙂 I just loved how the hand lettered pumpkins added the sweet and fun joy of peppy hand lettering to an item more traditionally used for scare tactics or food making!

While “Creep it Real” and “It’s Fall, Y’all” were some of my faves to letter—and it is weirdly fun to letter on the various curves that form a pumpkin—this year, I added in a family name style. The concept was too cute too pass up, and I’m all about customizing, so I’m tickled to be offering custom family name pumpkins to the roster this year.

Bonus, if you’re even more home-loving, you can add “Est. 2019” or whatever year to your pumpkin. Talk about the sweetest family décor ever!

You can find these pumpkins in my shop in three styles, be they Halloween-focused (“Trick or Treat,” “Creep it Real,” etc.), fall or Thanksgiving focused (“Blessed,” “Grateful,” “Thankful”) and now personalized with your very own family name. Yeah! These pumpkins come in a range of colors, too, including a silver edition which is spray painted before lettering for extra shine.

Now that fall is here, it’s time to get cozy and fall into the mood (see what I did there?). I hope you’ll find these customizable hand lettered pumpkins are a new stylish accent for your home, porch, or Thanksgiving table!

Pumpkins in varying forms are one of my favorite parts of this season, as well as one of my favorite decorations—but what about you? Do you love Halloween, Thanksgiving, autumn decor itself, or just pumpkins? I hope you’ll share in the comments below!

For now, I think I’m off to find more pumpkin things to eat and decorate!



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