Introducing…The Pregnancy Announcement Pot

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Custom orders are some of my absolute favorite things to make for my customers, whether they’re adjustments to currently offered items in my shop, or brand new ideas full of love just waiting to be lettered for someone special.

That’s why, when I received a custom baby announcement pot request, I knew I had to add some options like it into my shop line-up. Talk about the cutest pregnancy announcement ever—with an adorable hand lettered garden pot to announce the news, so someone special to the family could grow something alongside the growth of the little baby-to-be?!

Custom New Baby Announcement Garden Pot Large Terra Cotta Pot Outdoors on Wood with Leaves
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So freaking cute!

I’d previously offered a few styles of hand lettered pots, but as I noticed my customers tended toward the more natural look with wood and bamboo stakes, I knew in time I wanted to offer a few styles of more natural pots that were terra cotta instead of ceramic. The terra cotta sucks the oil of my ink up too perfectly to pass up, and I had a couple ideas for my impending hand lettered herb pots. But then along came this custom order that totally made my day!

This very sweet mom I had the opportunity to work with wanted to announce to her mother-in-law that a family addition would be coming soon…so she custom ordered my first family announcement pot with her own personalized phrasing. It felt incredibly special to get to hand letter something that could bring so much excitement and happiness—even knowing the news before her mother-in-law, I felt like part of the family cheer squad. (And if you’re still getting to know me, you’ll learn I LOVE to be on people’s cheer squads!)

New Baby Pot Seedling Coming 2021 Expecting Announcement Pot Terra Cotta Hand Lettered Pot in a Basket
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The pot was a bit bigger than I tend to letter on; it was 10” diameter, so it had a lot of room for me to space out her family name and phrase, and wowsa, was it a heavy one for shipping. But I’m delighted it brought so much joy to their family! I think it turned out pretty cute. What do you think?

After I mailed this off, it seemed pretty obvious to me I should offer something like it that was more universal for all families, and a size that wouldn’t be too bulky for shipping or use in all sizes of gardens. Hence, my new 8” Sprouting 2021 (or whatever year needed) and Seedling Coming 2021 pots that you’ll find freshly released in the Garden and Home Decor section here at Jaded Studios. These pots are made with oodles of love, then wrapped up with extra cushioning to get from me to you. Bonus, they ship free in the US! 🙂

I know this crazy time in our world’s history has not been one of joy, so hopefully, this pot can be part of adding extra sweetness for those announcing their actual bundles of joy down the line.

I hope you’ll check out these fun new pots, and in time I may possibly add a few more styles. Custom designs are of course always available, so feel free to reach out if you’re expecting your own newborn in the near future who needs a shout out to your family and friends, or, to celebrate a new mom you know whose baby was grown with love.

What are other cute ways you or someone you know has announced you’re expecting? Please do share in the comments—I might just have to find more items to letter on for growing families in the future!

In the meantime, happy growing.! 😉



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