Grateful For You Sale (Black Friday Sale is Coming)

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It’s that time of year…the holidays are coming, the joy is high (though this year, there’s a lot of stress in the mix, too, eek!). But, it’s still a perfect and likely necessary time to pause and reflect on what we’re grateful for, don’t you think?

So, first and foremost, I want to say THANK YOU for being part of my journey. I am honored and delighted to get to make pretty things for wonderful people, whether it be for a gift you’re giving or a gift just for you. It makes me so darn happy to get to combine lettering and painting into something that will bring you a smile! 😊

That’s the main reason I decided to run a Black Friday Weekend sale this year—it’s a little way I’d like to carve out some extra deals in the midst of all the chaos in the world. Plus, it’s a great big thank you for those supporting small businesses at this crazy time! ❤️

As promised last week, I’m back with some new product releases specific to the holiday season, and a few announcements of the great deals you’ll find at Jaded Studios next week, for the full shopping weekend. Woo hoo!

First, let’s talk about the new goodies to hit the shop. I’m tickled to have added three new holiday cards to the line-up this year! I’ve been dying to put a new watercolor card out, which is what you’ll find in the Hope Wreath card. It seems like a relevant message this day and age… Then, I went for more watercolor with a card suitable for any winter holiday in this year’s Let It Snow card, which features a combination of some watercolor gradation and digital art for the lettering and snow. And to add one more Christmas-specific card, you’ll find the Noel Star card. This one is extra dear to my heart because I designed it while demoing digital design to my dad. So fun! Honestly, it was wonderful to get my holiday spirit on to design all three of these!
Courtney Wood Tag Hand Letterd Wood Tag Hanging from Polka Dotted Kraft Bag on Fur with Ornaments
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This year, I also added custom wood tags to the mix, because it’s always a hoot to give fun labels to presents, I think. Don’t you? These wood gift tags double as party favors for event bags, or to give your favorite wine/booze drinker a personalized bottle label. 😊

Bonus, though the Black Friday sale doesn’t start until next Friday, I opted to jump the gun and start one deal now: choose any 6 holiday cards for $24. Yeah! You can select any six of your choosing for all those holiday cards you’re hoping to send to family and friends this year. Phew!

To make things easier, I also upped and created a store section specifically for holiday ornaments and cards. While a lot of these ornaments are good all year round as small gifts for those in your life or for your own decor, they do make for excellent decorations this holiday season.

But now for some news on next week’s BIG GIGANTIC BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND EVENT! (Sorry for the all the shouting…I’m excited!)

First on the deals and steals list—don’t forget you get a free hand lettered glass with every purchase. Yeah! Shipping for this free add-on is under $5, or, simply spend $35 to meet the free shipping minimum. That’s a couple gifts for you and some friends, and you’ll be sipping from your custom glass in no time! 😉 This promo code will be prominently featured as soon as Black Friday hits…so start eyeing your glass choices now, and be at the ready. Stock is limited to what’s left in the shop, so you’ll want to get it before it’s gone for good.

Next, I’ll be featuring yet another card deal next weekend—buy 4, get one free! This deal isn’t exclusive to the holiday cards, so you can pick any card available to enjoy this special deal.

There will also be several door busters each morning, starting with a special add-a-charm for $3 Friday until 10 am PST. There will be a couple styles available, and they’re perfect for adorning your new glass or to give as little gifts this season!

But there’s more…Jaded Studios will feature five flash sales throughout the weekend. These hour-long specials will be announced on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure you’re following on social media to jump on these when they happen. The sales will include multiple shop sections, so you’re sure to find a good one! (Friendly reminder…newsletter subscribers will know when the flash sales are happening in advance, so if you aren’t already a subscriber, you’ll want to get signed up for that asap.)

And of course, prizes! You’ll find a couple contests you can expect to see on Instagram and Facebook throughout the shop-holiday weekend. Yippee!

I can’t wait to host this big sale event Black Friday weekend. All the fun starts in the wee morning hours on Friday the 27th! 🎉

Thank you for reading, and I can’t wait to share the fun in the shop next weekend.

Until then, I hope you have a wonderful, safe, and happy holiday!


Black Friday Sale at Jaded Studios Watercolor with Ink Design in Red and Black
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