Watercolor Vs Calligraphy: Must it Be One or the Other?

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You may have caught on, that while I’m forever loyal to the people and things I love, in the “things” realm, this means that I struggle with “picking just one thing.”

I’m sure this deliberation is not unusual for many artists, as we are often encouraged to pick a niche and stay there. The problem is—and perhaps it’s the roaring Gemini in me—I simply can’t pick just one. (I mean…how else does one move through writing, voice over, theatre, calligraphy, and watercolor, and frolic in all of these lines repeatedly, for over 35 years? I think that’s just being an artist!)

You Are My Universe Watercolor Galaxy Love Card on Wood Background with Potpourri MAIN
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The very first of my watercolor cards!

I mean, if you just met me in a supermarket and asked what I did, I would tell you I’m a calligrapher and hand letterer. But that intro would quickly be followed with “and also, a watercolor artist, and sometimes I like to blend the two together.” Because why not? I love Swedish Fish and I also love gummy bears, because I’m a candy hound. So since I’m an art lover, and art is my happy place, surely I can do both?

That said, you may have noticed my recent release, which I’ve been over the moon about—the new Galaxy Collection—is made up entirely of products from my watercolor side of things. In the past, I’ve tended to merge the two, like you see in the “You Are My Universe” card, one of my faves in the Love and Sentimental Greeting Cards section of my shop. But this release, every product was pure watercolor—be it a watercolor piece, or a paper product inspired by a past watercolor painting. To me, a star lover, paper lover (just ask some of my friends about my rambles about the delicious smell of paper when I worked in a print shop at age 18), and lover of words and pretty things, it just all goes together very naturally. ♡

In time, I might well release a Galaxy Collection 2.0—complete with hand lettered words on the magnets I designed with space-loving teens in mind, or sweet messages aligned with the greeting cards in the Galaxy Suite to print on them a la the Universe card. But for now, I just wanted to play in the watercolor realm. If it’s pretty, and I can make it, it’s kind of a gimme; it’s going to happen in the Jaded Studios universe. 😊

Speaking of the universe…if you haven’t checked out the new line of products in my freshly released Galaxy Collection, I sure hope you will. I had such a blast painting all my bookmarks, wood slab art, and ornaments. Plus, planning and formatting the matching stickers, magnets, cards, and prints in the Suite was like a total dream for this cosmos loving, card-making gal. I’ve always been so in love with the universe, stars, galaxies, space—I was a total planetarium fiend growing up—so getting to create these lovelies was pure joy.

And of course, I am still a hand letterer, which is why I also snuck in these little goodies that aren’t quite part of the collection, but the first non-card goodie to merge my lettering and watercolor together. These sweet little monogram tags would make fabulous gift labels for holidays and birthdays, and since I’m kind of obsessed with painting on wood, making them was an easy leap.

Thank you for joining me on my crazy, fingers-in-many-pots lettering and painting journey. Even though the new Collection doesn’t feature hand lettering, I hope you’ll enjoy a few views of the stars and night skies in it. 🤩

I’d love to hear what you think of the space and stars. Are you a space lover? Science fiction reader? Star gazer? Constellation buff? Have you signed up with Nasa’s Spot the Station satellite viewing alert service (because you should!). Clearly, I’ve got my head in the stars. I’d love to hear your interests in space as well!

In the meantime, thank you for reading!



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